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The daily code challenge is something I started last month (December 2018) just to see if I have it in me to diligently write one program every single day and document it properly. Around the same time I ran into websites like and that help in motivating new/experienced programmers to work on different […]

Like in any subject, academic dishonesty by students exists in coding/programming too. Computer Science (CS) take home assignments in the IB program typically tend to be, for the most part,  code fragments that students need to attempt and submit. In my years teaching CS, I have encountered several instances where students have copied code from […]

Mind maps can be powerful tools to visualize a problem and attempt a solution. They are usually multi layered diagrams that spread out from a central idea and branch out into different possible scenarios/hooks. In my Computer Science classes, however, I have tried different ways to implement the idea of a mind map. Given the […]

The backdrop I recently completed a research based assignment for a course I am doing. The paper was written completely as a Google doc and submitted via TurnItIn. As you know, such papers require tons of referencing to backup the claims we are making in them. Often times keeping track of these resources – books, […]

Yesterday I saw a tweet on my feed of a website that takes text and converts it emoji. Not all the words are converted (thank goodness!) but enough to create the right spacing for a classroom instruction to be a little more engaging.  👋😁 Enter text into Emoji Translate. It replaces some words with pictures. […]

After several years of debating whether or not learning programming is useful or necessary, the world is finally moving towards the realization that problem solving and critical thinking are skills best learnt by designing code based solutions. While this is a refreshing outlook in the world of education, there are some prominent gaps that still […]

I have been doing some reading lately on the increasing role of empathy in computing and the world of software development. Termed empathic computing this emergent field is all about embedding elements of empathy (sensitivity to emotions, perspective based programming etc) that is aimed to interact with the user beyond the technical. Some aspects of […]