A big part of any teacher’s job is helping students effectively use the web to research information. To avoid this practice to become yet another “Go to Google and pick up the best of the top 10 hits” exercise, Dr. Robert Harris, a former professor of English at Vanguard University of Southern California, proposes two […]

Background Online learning as a concept has always fascinated me. Right from the days when I designed my first classroom website back in 2001, right up to 2018 when I help manage a fully functional LMS. The emergence of modern technology has allowed the idea of anytime anywhere learning to progress emphatically.  As both a […]

When I read education research and literature from before the time of the web, I am struck by how many of its features are still relevant today.  In his 1990 book, “Learning Theories : An Educational Perspective”, Dale H.Shunck presents a table that has the different methods to assess student learning. I find it interesting […]

As part of my ongoing professional development, I am enrolled in a post-graduate certificate program. The focus right now is on the role of reflection in teaching. As part of that focus I am reading about The Reflective Thinking Pyramid. In their book “Promoting Reflective Thinking in Teachers: 50 Action Strategies”, Taggart & Wilson discuss the three levels […]

Sending emails via Mail Merge was easier at my previous school where Outlook was the default mailing service. But we use Gmail at my current school so I have had to install a unique account for just mail merge on Outlook. This has been hit or miss given our mail server settings and over time, […]

Over the years I have loved experimenting with different ways to visualize data from both inside and outside my classrooms. Up until 2014, most of my visualization work was primarily in Excel or Google Sheets (via the built in Charts). But then I started working extensively with Google Scripting and during that process I came […]

  ECHO HELLO WORLD The very first program I wrote – as a DOS batch file – was a program that printed out the customary “Hello World” message to the console. It contained that one line. That’s it. This was back in 1996. It was a basic ECHO command which did not really need a […]