CT Pod : A podcast initiative

A group of us teachers at ISA (International School Aberdeen) are part of a core CT (Computational Thinking) team. One of the areas we are constantly exploring is integration of CT elements within the K-12 curriculum across different subject areas. Last semester we even spent time (this was back when we had on-campus lessons going on) visiting each other’s classes to observe and learn how CT’s pillars – decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithm design – were being used in pedagogy and assessment. To add an additional layer of collaboration and to help our work reach a wider audience, I floated the idea of a monthly podcast with the group just before winter break. I was inspired by the work Duke University is doing with it’s CS-ED Podcast. So, when we returned from the break we started putting together ideas for the initial episodes. We aim to release a new episode on the final working Friday of each month. So far we have released two episodes, each of them featuring us reflecting upon our objectives with CT in our subject areas and sharing ideas.

Below are the two episodes we have released so far. Podcast website link here.

Episode 1 : Introductions and reflections

Episode 2: Decomposition of problems

We hope to include more educator speakers (and in time, student speakers!) in coming episodes. One of my colleagues has also written a piece for ECIS where she documents how she is using elements of CT within her language classes. With growing interest and reach of the podcast series I hope to keep blogging more about the different areas of integration and development we are able to accomplish in coming months!

Stay tuned.