Daily Code Challenge

The daily code challenge is something I started last month (December 2018) just to see if I have it in me to diligently write one program every single day and document it properly. Around the same time I ran into websites like codewars.com and dailycodingproblem.com that help in motivating new/experienced programmers to work on different kinds of challenges in various languages. Using Jdoodle.com as my online IDE (Code Editor), I started trying out simple to medium level challenges in Java.

Working with Python had always been on my list. So this was a good chance to address that too. Hence, for the past few weeks I have been attempting challenges mostly in Python. I also look forward to trying my hand at C# and Rust. This link here is a permanent link that holds Google docs organized by month and listing every code I have attempted thus far by date. Please feel free to visit it and use it as needed to expand your own code learning.

My Github Collection

Daily Coding Challenge